Top five Corporate Travel Trends for 2019

The corporate travel trends are evolving at a thundering pace all credits for which goes to changing technology and advancing global conditions of the economy. No matter you have a small business or a large one, all these changes impact the travel policies of all businesses. Facing constant changes one can wonder How do business travelers feel about business travel?Let’s rundown through five current corporate travel trends that will help you to decide how to travel for business in 2019.

Risk management and responsibility

International travelings and all the tours around the world involves with it specific dimensions of risk. Be it an act or terrorism or individual accidents. Though traveler anxiety looks set to continue corporate travel administrators have more devices for managing traveling risk. Associations have an obligation of consideration to their workers, so the use of tracking and communication tools will lighten the occurence of any potential dangers.
These instruments are evolving at a quick pace. Furthermore, with game-changing tools like  GPS trackers, employee check-in systems, weather updates, and emergency communication functions, biometrics, and travel robots corporate travel trends have gone to a new level.

Technological investment

Innovation is advancing at remarkable dimensions, and it is penetrating the corporate travel industry at various levels.
Smart watches and RFID tags (Radio Frequency ID) are helpful in connecting two travelers, tracking and monitoring them while they are on the field.
Due to the introduction of online booking tools, employees now have a platform as well as the freedom to make personal travel choices. With the advancement of Technology questions like How have the top travel apps affected business travel trends? are often raised.
The technological advances provided by the online applications on mobiles and tabs have outgrown the way we used to look at corporate traveling. The use of applications to book hotels, cabs and the evolution of digital wallets, consequently added to the perks of corporate traveling trends.

Business and pleasure go hand in hand

There are many ways by which Business traveling can add pleasure to itself. The travelers can use the chance to see the local area and experience the new culture. Likewise, they can even get along with the family joining them on the trip. For some businessmen Bleisure travel (business and leisure) is the best way in which they enjoy their work.
when you add some personal holidays to the corporate travels it becomes beneficial for the business. It not reduce stress and but significantly increase employee satisfaction.

Challenge of hotel rates

The challenge of finding a hotel at preferred costs still looks set to continue from 2018 in the year ahead. Consumers are forced to pay for necessities like Wi-Fi service, holding luggage, parking or an efficient room service. Hotels will continue offering a loyalty member discount which will make the traveler book directly through their website.
This trend might reduce the negotiated rates. So, to overcome this challenge, travel managers should consider tracking rate availability and renegotiation with hotel associates will help.

Travel budgeting

Companies keep on looking for ways to reduce costs and 2019 is no different. cost could be effectively cut through;
cut airlines budget by shifting from business class to economy class.
First of all, Preferring lower star accommodation will do well.
|Use online booking tools that could offer discounts and cash back.
Video conferencing can replace physical traveling which will surely cut down expenses.

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